Please be informed of the below policies. 

24-hr notice is required for cancellations. You may be expected to pay for your full session if you cancel with less notice, based on circumstances.

If you are running late, please text or give me a call. Your appointment may still end at the scheduled time, though I will try to accommodate when possible.  If the session is shortened due to your lateness, you will still be charged the full amount. 

If lateness or cancellations become habitual, I may require holding a credit card number when scheduling. 

ILLNESS/INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: If you are sick or have any possibly contagious condition (ie rashes, pink eye, first 5-7 days of cold/flu symptoms), please reschedule. You may not receive massage if you have a fever. If inclement weather impacts road conditions, we will be in touch to see if we can both safely make it to my studio. If you do not feel safe commuting due to city-wide inclement weather, we will reschedule. Late cancellation fee will be waived in these circumstances.


I strive to be scent neutral with natural based products in my practice. I ask that you refrain from wearing scented products (scented lotion/perfume/cologne/essential oils/etc) and avoid smoking cigarettes immediately prior to your appointment as they trigger health issues for myself and other clients.  You should be free of strong bodily odors. Please be aware that I may refrain from treating you that day and have you reschedule if this is not followed.

***If you have any open sores/cuts/blisters, please cover with a band aid if receiving massage work. 


You should be free of any mind-altering substances including recreational drugs and alcohol. Please inform me of current medications and any lack of sensation due to them.

Any conduct or requests of a sexual nature will not be tolerated. The session will end and you will be expected to pay for your full session. 

If client or therapist feels unsafe at any time, the session will be ended. I reserve the right to refuse services.  

Appropriate Conduct

Payment will be collected at the end of the session (“Time of Service”) in the form of cash, check or card. You may also pay online when booking an appointment. Tips are accepted but never expected. I’d rather you come in more often for treatment than give me a tip!

Gift certificates are available for purchase online or in my office.


By law I cannot diagnosis, perform chiropractic adjustments, or give medical advice outside of my license. Appropriate referrals will be made if necessary. Doctor’s notes may be required for some conditions.

Scope of Practice

In the event you are unsatisfied with your care, please inform me and options can be discussed how to address any issues.


Conversation between therapist and client is under strict confidentiality and will not be shared with anyone unless given permission to do so (such as to coordinate care with other healthcare professionals). If you have a preferred pronoun, please let me know on your intake form.


I want you to be comfortable! Feel free to make requests for change of pressure, technique, room temperature, music choice, etc. 



I strive to make my office feel safe, supportive, and welcoming.

Please let me me know if there’s anything I can do as a healthcare professional to make you more comfortable.